Mum’s Story (part 8)

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Moving, engagements, marriages.
Not quite in that order.  As the years went on and life began to settle down to normality, our middle daughter, Carol, and her boyfriend Ian Buchanan, decided to get engaged after Carol came home from a holiday out in Australia.
Carol wanted a big wedding with all the trimmings. The date for the wedding was decided, 25th October 1982, my birthday. All arrangements made, church booked, dresses bought, photographer Maurice Jones – good family friend, cars, flowers, cake, everything ready for the day of the wedding.
Lynn, being away at the time, was sad as she and Janice would have been her bridesmaids. However we tried to keep her in the picture, photos of Carol in her wedding gown, dad escorting her out to the limousine with her veil and long train. Not forgetting her long telephone call to or from her sister in Australia, very emotional.
The sun was shining and the church was packed, my husband so proud, walking his daughter down the aisle to hand over to a young doctor. The whole day was a great success.
carol wedding
In the in between years Bob and I moved more out to the country. We sold our house in Mt Vernon and moved to a little village named Braco in Perthshire.  We bought a lovely bungalow with 3/4 acre of ground. We were fortunate in the fact that the gardens had been landscaped.
In the house itself we got to work making it into our home!  We knocked down a wall to make a large lounge, we had built a very attractive sun lounge leading down into our garden. We had an open plan stairway put in and an upstairs lounge and twin bedroom with en suite.
While we were living in Braco, Lynn came home with an Australian lad, Greg and announced they were getting married. Lynn asked for a small wedding with a garden party afterwards.  As I had mentioned, Braco is a lovely village with a very pleasant church which I attended.  Arrangements were made by her sister, Janice and I for the wedding to be held in the church and a hall in Dunblane was booked for the reception.
I didn’t listen and should have realised Lynn was not the big wedding type of girl, she would have been happier had I let her choose the type of wedding she wanted.  However, the wedding was nice and I remember an archway of guests clasping hands above their heads making  a pathway for the bridal couple to pass under.
lynn wedding
Janice and Alan arranged their wedding for just two weeks after Lynn and Greg’s on 2nd June 1985, so we were once again looking for wedding clothes. This was a completely different Big Day. It was not a church wedding but a small, registry office wedding followed by a buffet and dance in their local community hall.  Carol, Lynn and I went with Janice to choose her wedding dress.  She chose an attractive fitted white dress with short veil, 3″ white heeled shoes. Lynn and Carol chose their identical dress in different pale shades.  I bought a light cream suit, all ready for the third wedding in our family.  A beautiful buffet was set out with lovely floral decoration. As Alan was a guitarist with his band, the lads all played up to the minute tunes, for all ages, real good fun.
janice wedding 1
janice wedding 2
After the wedding of our third daughter Bob and I settled down to a happy life in the country, doing the things we enjoyed doing playing outdoor bowls, being with good friends, walking our two Sheltie dogs, Cindy and Sheeba along many country lanes.
Bob and I were married for 55 years.  We had a good marriage and a good life.
During our travels many years later, the dreaded illness which Bob contracted, cancer, spread throughout his body.  He died very peacefully back home in Scotland with some of his family around him.
Like all story tellers my story began with me as a baby and is now ending as an 83 yr old waiting to join my beloved husband in the ever promised land,

Mum’s Story (part 7)


Before Bob and I knew it our lives had moved onto another cycle.  We had a lovely two bedroom apartment in Craigbank, the first central heated apartments to be completed.  Looking out from our lounge window we could see our own garden, and across from there we saw the tennis courts and to the left a bowling green.  A young family’s dream. When our youngest baby arrived, six months after having moved in, she spent most of her early months in her pram out on our porch breathing the good fresh air. Lynn and Carol, being only 11 months apart played in the safety of our garden with their dolls and pram, accompanied by their little friends.

Newfield Square

Newfield Square2

Moving on to school days our two eldest daughters started at the primary school a short walk from home. Lynn enjoyed her primary years although on her first day, that half a day was enough for her and on looking out the window who did I see but our Lynn walking towards the house!  Oh dear. I had been talking to Bob on the telephone telling him how happy she had been to go to school that morning! Soon both she and I went back to school to explain her disappearance to her teacher who was very understanding and took Lynn under her wing. From then on no more escapes.

Newfield Square1

Carol, Janice and Lynn outside our flat at Newfield Square

Lynn worked hard at school and passed the exam to move on to the Girls High School, which was private. We knew our money would be well spent. Many subjects were covered including sports everything which our daughter enjoyed.  Carol by this time had introduced Janice, our youngest daughter, into primary school. They both got on alright at school, no traumas to speak of. When it was time for Carol to move into high school she went to the local school with her friends and settled down.

Bob, still working as a Prudential agent, was offered promotion as Supervisor in an area on the other side of Glasgow.  Still working as an Avon Manager, we agreed I could work most areas as long as I was near the motorway. Having found a house in North Mount Vernon, we decided to have a closer look inside.  It was very big with plenty of rooms and a central staircase which we both wanted.. A huge amount of work was required to be done inside. The area itself was very appealing. Everything worked out fine, school for both younger children, Lynn continuing at the high school. That fixed, we then moved in.

Leaving Craigbank was a wrench.  We had so many happy times with our friends, the children too were always out playing games with their pals. It was not that long ago I was told by our Carol that one game they loved was opening a door at the side of our house which led from tunnel to tunnel under the block of apartments to explore!  I was flabbergasted! I still to this day cannot bear to think what could have happened to these children.

During the many years in Mount Vernon various things were happening around us. The girls were turning into teenagers, Bob and I had close friends and get -together nights were enjoyed. Our daughter, Janice took to staying out at nights; I was worried while her dad went off to bed. Many a night I got the car out and drove up to the garage to find the telephonist and my daughter sitting smoking!. Both girls got a piece of my mind. This continued as this was the only place smoking was allowed. I had a big problem.

Lynn,  the eldest became friendly with a girl who lived on the complete opposite side of the city. Again, trouble, one night when the dance finished it was too late for them to get home, so, mum had to get into the car after 11 pm to collect the girls in town, drive her friend away to Anniesland miles away then back to our home! Her dad of course taking nothing to do with it, told me to lock the door and let them get on with it.

Carol was the quiet one, all she wanted to do was go and play tennis with her friends. No problem.

Time went on but my family problems did not go away, our eldest daughter and youngest daughter began to have a love hate-relationship. I noticed it starting when a nice lad Janice had met and invited home went a bit askew; I noticed jealousy, creeping in. Both daughters were so alike in many ways, although they would not admit to it.


Lynn, Carol and Janice

They never resolved their problems. On looking back as a mother I tried my best. The hardest thing I had to accept was the day Lynn announced she was going to Australia to get married. I felt this was a big mistake.  At last Lynn had found an escape, get engaged to an Australian and off to a new life which did not work out. Dad and I were heartbroken.  Trying to find a daughter in another country was almost impossible until I made a phone call to an aunt of this young man to be told the engagement was off and she did not know where Lynn was. Eventually we received a letter from Lynn explaining she was working in Sydney and was friendly with a lady called Rona who was like a mother to her and we were not to worry.

Luckily everything did work out for Lynn.  She loved Australia.  Just a pity she had to go to the other side of the world to find happiness.



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