I was shocked to find, when I logged onto this blog, that I haven’t written anything since 2013. That would give the impression that I had lost interest or didn’t want to research my family history any longer but nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact I have just recently started an online course on Writing Family History through the University of Tasmania which I am enjoying and learning from.  I have also spent time sorting out my trees online and filing hard copies of certificates and information into a better system as it was getting too big to manage.

Last year I took a trip overseas and spent a month in Scotland.  I only had a window of a few days to do family tree “stuff” but I made the most of it and walked the land of my dad’s family.  I spent time in many of the little villages where my father’s family lived in the 1700s and 1800s mostly as domestic and farm servants. I can’t imagine these villages have changed much over the years.  I could almost hear the horse and carts on the cobbled stones.


3678The most exciting part was discovering the gravestone of my great-great-great paternal grandparents at Dunnottar Cemetery (near the Dunnottar Castle above).


Unfortunately, when I returned home, I found, in the pocket of my case, a list of cemeteries and addresses I had planned to visit while in Scotland but I  had completely forgotten.  Perhaps I need to start saving again. There is so much more to find both on my dad and my mum’s side.

I see a few people have very recently started following this blog and this has motivated me to make sure I update it regularly.  2016 will be my year for making great progress with my family trees!  It will be my year of the blog.