Bob and I decided for various reasons to have a short honeymoon some place not too far away. The granite city sounded good so, that is where we booked, Aberdeen.
During our three night stay, we enjoyed walks through the lovely city, walks on the beach as the weather was beautiful, romantic dinners and the highlight of my new husband’s day was on the Saturday when there was some special football match on.  Being the most obliging young wife, I agreed we should go!  It was fun as it had been years since we had been to a match together.
Mum and Dad in Lawrencekirk, near Aberdeen, with Dad’s Gran – my great grandmother.
We returned home on Monday evening to be told my mum was in the hospital  Too late to visit we arranged with my dad to attend the hospital the following day.  When we arrived at the ward my heart sank, her bed was empty! After a short wait, mum arrived back at the ward as she had been away for x-rays. I breathed again and was so happy to see her. Her face on seeing my dad, Bob and I was a picture of complete happiness; she actually looked radiant. I left the ward with that lovely picture of her in my mind.
The following day my mum died and a very large part of my heart crumbled.  How could it be she was so happy the day before?   My poor dad, the fear he had lived with all his married life had actually happened.  My new husband was marvellous.  I was inconsolable.  Dad was trying to keep up but completely at a loss.  Elizabeth and Ian arrived with Elaine.  Funeral arrangements made by my dad, Bob and Ian were put into place.   One week to the very day, I was in my lovely wedding dress and now I was looking out my funeral clothes, this could not be happening.
Mum had a very quiet funeral service in our house then was taken off to be buried at the cemetery.  My sister and female relations stayed at home and the only satisfying part of this whole ghastly business was that God had been kind to my mum.  She got her wishes, to see her daughters through school, happily married and she also saw her first grandchild born , baby Elaine. For that I say a big thank you.
Gran Brown baby, Elaine 1954
Gran Brown with grand-daughter, Elaine
During the next few years, Bob and I settled into married life enjoying each other’s company. We were blessed with 3 lovely baby girls and prouder parents you couldn’t meet. Like every other mum and dad, money was tight and I went out to work as an Avon representative in my own area. Within a year and a half I was promoted to an Area Sales Manager travelling the south west Scotland including Renfrewshire.
I remember the happiness this promotion brought – having a brand new car, more money coming in every month – is quite ironic.  Many a time we took our little daughters out at weekends.  We called in at various restaurants for lunch on our outings and were always asked by various people who would stop at our table and enquired if our little girls were triplets.  Lynn, Carol and Janice were very alike with short haircuts with fringe, always dressed the same.  Understandably people took notice and stopped to pay compliments. That is what married life was all about, wonderful feelings.