Mum and dad's wedding group2031

This is a photo of my dad’s side of the family taken on my parents’ wedding day in 1956. What I have always loved about this photo is the flying ducks on the wall behind everyone!  It helps date this as a 1950s photo!

All but two (the two older children) have passed on now.  I can place everyone in this photo with the exception of the man front left.  I think he may be my grandfather’s brother but if so, I don’t know which one unfortunately.

Back right is my dad – the bridegroom – Robert Hendry Smith (1925-2012).  Next to him is his sister, Christina Cameron Smith (1922 – 1998).  Once again I searched for her under the name we knew her as – Christine – but discovered she was another Christina.  When looking for her death certificate, I found two certificates – one under Christine Smith and the other under Christina Smith.  As she is not on my direct line, I did not order it.  Perhaps it means there is one certificate but two possible spellings of her name.

Next to Aunt Christine is her husband, George Ian Duffie (1914-1971).   I remember Uncle George.  I was just 14 when he died (he was 57) and I remember the day very clearly.  He drove home from work and had a heart attack in the car outside his house.  Very sad as his three boys were still young.  Ironically, their youngest son, Stewart, the boy he is touching in the photo, also died young (about 47) from a heart attack in his car!  He in turn left two young teenage children.  In the centre of the photo is my cousin, Ronnie and then his brother Alan.

In front of Alan is my paternal grandfather, William Smith (1896-1982) with my grandmother, Jane Cameron(1890-1981).

I remember them all very clearly.  I just need to find out who the other man in the photo is but, at this stage, I have no way of doing that.  I may be able to do it by a process of elimination when researching the brothers.  One I know came to Australia and had a tomato farm two hours south of where I live.  But that is another story.