My father’s mother, Jane (aka Jean) Cameron (my grandmother), was born in 1890 in
Dundee.  She had a twin sister, Rose, and as young women they worked together as fishmongers.

At the age of just 19, Rose emigrated to America on the ship “Hesperian” with her brother, James.  I managed to trace Rose to an address in America and I know that she returned home in 1914 for a 3 month visit but returned to America.  At that time she was a nurse.  But I can find no other records for her at this stage.  I assumed she didn’t return to Scotland but I vaguely remember my dad telling me of being at the wharf with his parents, waving his Aunt Rose off and never seeing her again.  So I believe she may have returned another time.  After all, dad wasn’t born until 1925.

I have made this my quest – to find out what happened to Rose.